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Отзывы о компании  Grey Group

Компания Grey Group

Грей Групп

Киев, Украина

Grey Group is a communication agency which was founded in 1917 in USA. The Group is currently present in over 80 countries. Amount of professionals working in its 465 offices around the globe, exceeds 13,000 people.

As a truly communications agency, Grey has resources in every major communication discipline: from classic advertising, integrated brand building, Public relations to Healthcare and Interactive.Driven by its long-standing motto “Creativity which builds brands”, Grey has successfully developed strategic partner relations with global clients as Procter&Gamble, GlaxoSmithKlein, British American Tobacco, Nokia, Oracle, Visa International.The powerful list of clients and ability to build brands had made the Agency the 7th Biggest Independent agency globally. In 2005, Grey Group have become a part WPP, the 2nd largest Communications Holding in the world.

In Ukraine, Grey group is represented by Enterprise Grey company which is fully owned by its parent company. The Agency has been in the market for over 10 years, and provides communications service to the clients via the following branded units:- Grey Kyiv – traditional advertising and brand building 
- G2 Kyiv – Integrated communications, Trade/Horeca channel specific    activations, Interactive
- GCI Kyiv - Public and Government Relations
- Grey Media – full scope of media services

Отзывы о работе в Grey Group

Olga (Бухгалтеры)

Кто-нибудь что-то знает об этой компании с точки зрения сотрудника?
2008-10-17 02:23:39
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