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Киев, Украина
Apriorit – украинская компания, которая уже более 8 лет успешно работает на рынке услуг разработки ПО, специализируясь на системном и продвинутом программировании под платформы Win32 и Linux, включая создание драйверов и сетевого ПО.Apriorit is a provider of offshore system programming and advanced software development services. The company was started by two young Ukrainian developers; both already had experience in software development and managing IT projects at other companies, but were eager to operate independently and solve non-trivial tasks.Persistent work, creative approach to the business and software development fields have resulted in success. By now the company has grown to more than 70 employees and we used to deal with really challenging and complex projects.We provide offshore outsourcing services in the following areas:Device Driver Development for Windows and Linux Distributed Systems Management Software Corporate Security Software Reverse Engineering We offer:Product Development and Support Application Re-Engineering and Enhancing Performing Subcontracting Services

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