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Компания Cogniance Inc.


Киев, Украина

Cogniance is a privately owned full-service consultancy in the software industry, specialized in development of complex, leading edge projects. Cogniance is a virtue of the most advanced, modern and flexible business models aiming at the result-oriented (or added value-based) performance.

Cogniance offers excellent benefits for its employees including competitive salaries, regular salary reviews and performance based bonus system, great working conditions, medical insurance, flexible working hours, office located in the central part of Kiev and a chance for international travel.

Main directions of our work are:

Cogniance Engineering Team builds software systems based on the latest development technologies, which, however, have proven record of top class implementations. We've got top industry experts in Java, Ruby, DHTML, Ajax and other fields. Majority of systems we build fully utilize Web 2.0 patterns, including community generated content, social software functions, highly interactive web client side with strong Ajax-based logic, SaaS capabilities embedded into the system, and others. At Cogniance Engineering Team we are proud to use and constantly improve Cogniance Express - our home-grown software development process which is a balanced mix of Agile methodologies and program management approaches fit for large size projects.

Cogniance QA Team makes sure each project is completed without defects and possible problems based on the previously agreed specifications, standards and functionality required.QA activity is oriented to "Prevention".On the other hand, qualified software is reasonably bug-free, delivered on time and within the budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable. That is why our QA system includes source code control, code reviews, change management, configuration management, and release management.

Cogniance Design Team provides a wide variety of UI and Art services including user interface usability studies, web-design, e-commerce and online marketing tools design, Windows, Mac and mobile application interfaces, corporate identity style development, layout motion design, icon graphics and print production. The regular design cycle includes the following stages each followed by a review cycle - draft UI, final UI, draft Art, and final Art. By reviewing and constantly improving the usability of our deliverables and analyzing their position relative to current best practices we ensure that Cogniance Design Team imparts a global design aesthetic.

Cogniance Operations Team facilitates on-going support and running cutomers' systems in their production environments. Our system administrators and system operators are well trained to ensure the best RASS ratio of heterogeneous solutions running on different OS platforms (Linux clones, FreeBSD, Windows; virtual host-based systems on Amazon EC2/S3). Being proficient at building 99.999% data centers for complex Web-based and n-tiered applications, Operations team takes an active part in defining the right system architecture for customer solutions.

Cogniance Management is committed to open and honest western style of management. Everybody has easy access to senior management and can have a direct input into schedules and plans.

Отзывы о работе в Cogniance Inc.

Гость (Веб-мастера, веб-дизайнеры)

Ходил на интервью давно. Ну....все зависит от человека, который тебя собеседует.
Чистое ИМХО: много понтов и средняя, а то и ниже зарплата по рынку. А вообще довольно все быстро и hr грамотные.
2012-01-26 19:52:49

Гость (Аналитики / Интеграторы)

Ходил на интервью. В итоге мне рассказали что я не гожусь даже на девелопера. Хотя за последние несколько лет я не провалил ни одного технического интервью ни в одну из украинских контор (хотя по интервью я хожу часто, развлечение у меня такое, чтобы уровень поддерживать). И работодатель наверное мой тоже ошибается, отстегивая мне приличную зарплату.

В общем двойственные чувства. Но однозначно ктото из нас[censored] б.
2011-11-23 20:54:15

test (Программисты С++, С, С#, .NET)

Согласен, компания действительно стоящая.
Пока молодая и не все огр вопросы утрясены, но то что утрясли реально радует.
Единственное, что не очень радует - зарплата выплачиваемая доллоровым налом...
А так даже толком поругать незачто.
2008-10-07 14:13:41

Когнианс (Программисты С++, С, С#, .NET)

Очень прикольная компания! У них хватает денег на хороших специалистов.
А потому в их кругу ты сам быстро наращиваешь скилы. Плюс проекты реально сложные, но инетересные.
Пока хромает лишь соц пакет, но обещают устранить и эту проблему.
2008-10-03 15:40:22
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