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Kiev, Украина
 UInvest – one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms. Invest money online and find investors to finance your business.

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Гость (Редакторы)

Wrote the previous review...would like to add that the company did pay me, but only 2 months after I completed my project, and after many weeks of promising they would pay me. It was a long delay in payment.
2013-12-02 11:50:24

Гость (Уже уволен)

I worked as a contract employee for this company. My task was to edit a text in English and I was supposed to be paid by bank card. However, after email agreement and completing a contract about payment and work terms, and after 2 months of completing my project, the company never paid me for a week's work, worth several hundred dollars. The company promised for weeks that they would pay me that week and that they count on my understanding, but they never paid me. I find this company to be very unprofessional . I do not recommend working with this company
2013-12-02 11:06:31
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